About kulturSPRÜNGE

kulturSPRÜNGE e.V., founded in Berlin in 2003, is an interdisciplinary network joining arts and politics. An initiative of people working in artistic, academic and political contexts, kulturSPRÜNGE e.V. aims at supporting and making visible the artistic and cultural achievements of migrants and postmigrants, as well as initiating an exchange and dialogue between artists, political activists and academics about the topics of migration and urban culture.

Artistic creation is not possible without reflection and discourse. This calls for a critique on the way the arts have defined ethnicity, nationalism und cultural essentialism. Explaining the artistic production of postmigrants on the basis of their origins or in a sociocultural way in terms of integration has been the practice of the social majority and a common means of exclusion for a long time. It is also employed by migrants themselves; co-opting outside definitions and self-ethnification go hand in hand. kulturSPRÜNGE e.V. wants to intervene in order to help redefine and reshape this complicated area.

In 2008 kulturSPRÜNGE e.V. became responsible for a project modelling artistic production for an inter- and transcultural venue, situated at the Ballhaus Naunynstraße. Having undergone some minor reconstruction, the venue will reopen on 7th November 2008 with Dogland – Young Postmigrant Theatre Festival. Under the new artistic direction of Shermin Langhoff a broad network of artists from the second and third generation, amongst them Fatih Akın, Mıraz Bezar, Nuran David Calis, Neco Çelik, Ceza, Canan Erek, Nurkan Erpulat, Kadir Memiş, Hakan Savaş Mican, Mehdi Moinzadeh, Idil Üner, Feridun Zaimoğlu, will focus on postmigrant cultural production. The main emphasis lies on theatre production, but there is also a strong interest in the latest developments in dance, film, music and literature. Cultural education projects as well as co-operations with independent companies such as Balkan Black Box, Conflict Zone Arts Asylum, Diyalog Theaterfest and others will complete the programme.